About Us

  Weihai Danhong Sports Goods Co., Ltd ,which is professional manufacturer of snowboarding ,skiing and surfboarding equipments in north China.The productions are mainly snowboard,spiltboard,fish boards,swallowboards,alpine ski,twintip ski, kiteboard,skiboard and raceboard.According to customers' concepts, we are able to develope the new items.OEM and customer label and design are available.With the well-experienced technicians ,stable quality, the products are welcomed from Russia ,Europe,Norh America and Austrialian customers.If any queries ,please feel free to contact with us.

We have these advantages:

1.We have developed Two-Face based technology.

2.We also have developed POWER SPIDER CORE technology.

3.All kinds of topsheets: bamboo, wood veneer, fiber carbon, fiberglass etc

4.Laser engraving graphics are good for friendly enviroment

5.The LED skis and snowboards which have got patent.

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